Commercial Diving Complete Package Set

Commercial Diving Complete Package Set



If Commercial Diving is your business, go no further, we have all the books and resources you need. We are the trusted authority in diving and undersea publications since 1966. You want information and continuing education relevant to your work, and we have it.

Commercial Diving Complete Package Set, 2023

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Commercial Divers Handbook.cover

The Commercial Diver's Handbook, 3rd Edition

"If you are a serious diver or dive supervisor you should have this excellent decompression resource on the job. It may save your or another diver's butt." -John Carl Roat, Sr. Supervisor/Diver, Legacy Offshore, LLC

  Reg. $39.99  



Commercial Diver Training Manual, 7th Edition

A comprehensive training text that covers the major aspects of commercal diving for divers who plan to work wither offshore or as an inland diver.

  Reg.  $65.00  



NOAA Diving Manual 6th Edition

The most comprehensive diving manual on the market today.

  Reg. $116.00  



Commercial Diving Accident Management (1.5 hour online course)

Dr. Keith Van Meter discusses the utility of immediate, short, intervally-spaced hyperbaric oxygen therapy in resuscitative treatment of acute wounds and trauma.

  Reg. $22.50  



Decompression Sickness (1.5 hour online course)

Do you understand DCS, what it is, how it occurs, and what are treatment options?

  Reg. $27.50  



Mechanisms and Management of Dive Accidents (30 minute online course)

Taught by Nick Bird, MD, MMM and previous Chief Medical Officer for Divers Alert Network, this short course covers the most common triggers of diving fatalities and discusses the annual average diving-associated fatality incidence in the U.S and Canada.

  Reg. $4.99  
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