eBook - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine - Volume 3 Issue 3

eBook - Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine - Volume 3 Issue 3


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July - September 2012

Articles in Volume 3 Issue 3 include: a case study on a venous leg ulcer healed with Apligraf, the importance of glycemic control for diabetic limb salvage, malignancies in wounds, mechanisms of HBO, help with the new ICD-10-CM codes, matching resources to capacity, an overview of the 2012 UHMS annual standard meeting, remembering Dr. Bob Warriner, and much more!

Your annual Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine magazine subscription Includes:

  • 4 quarterly issues of the WCHM magazine, with current articles and research on wound care, hyperbaric medicine, and diving medicine
  • Included in every issue: articles addressing compliance, legal, quality, and safety in the hospital or clinic
  • Get updates and relevant society news, press releases, book reviews, and industry-related courses and meetings
  • Complimentary WCHM Calendar, with courses and meetings for all industry-related companies, organizations, associations, and entities
  • Complimentary WCHM Resource Guide, the premier listing of industry-related companies, organizations, associations, and products

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Our Readership:
The Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine magazine is an international publication with readers in over 60 countries. Our readers are scientists, physicians, nurses, technicians, and respiratory therapists working in the field of wound care, hyperbaric medicine, and / or diving. We report on breaking news from around the world while keeping up to date on events within the American College of Hyperbaric Medicine (ACHM), International Hyperbaric Medical Association (IHMA), the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS), the European Underwater and Baromedical Society (EUBS), Divers alert Network (DAN), and other affiliated professional organizations.

The primary mission of The Wound Care & Hyperbaric magazine is to be a fair, objective, nonpartisan, international publication dedicated to reporting and commenting on the current state of knowledge and advances in the science and technology encompassing hyperbaric oxygen therapy, wound care, and diving medicine. We report on currently accepted and emerging clinical applications as well as the associated economic, social, and political issues and events that influence the administration, growth, and development of our field.


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