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The perfect holiday gift for the tiny diver in your life

[Article reprinted with permission from Adventure Sports Network, Inc.] 

Need some help finding the perfect holiday gift for the tiny person in your life?

Here it is! SO CUTE! 

Harry Hawksbills Helps His Friends by Paul J. MilaHH3dNew 2

This is a beautiful little children's book by Paul Mila (and published by Best Publishing Company), featuring his own, colourful underwater photography from Cozumel. His story teaches the reader a little about the marine life (especially Harry the Hawksbill turtle), and weaves a sweet little tale about the importance of accepting friends' differences. I love the message the story sends to the reader in a fun way, but also that it inherently promotes a love and awe for the amazing world that exists beneath the waves.

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One of my favourite parts, is a page of questions at the end of the story (answers are provided on the opposite page) - is there a better way to interact and have fun with a child while they learn? How much do they remember from the story? How much do YOU remember? Have fun with this together! Awesome!

I will enjoy reading this story and marvelling over the underwater images with my grandchildren; it's something that I have missed doing with my own babes for many years now. AND, your young reader can read to YOU! A great tool for the budding reader to stretch his/her literary muscles (rated a level 3 for young readers)!

About the Author:

Paul Mila hails from Long Island, New York (although may be found more commonly in Cozumel), and left the corporate world to do what he loves best: scuba diving and writing! This is Paul's first children's book. He has a great series of novels that have been in print for some time, and yes, the underlying theme of these thrillers is the ocean and scuba diving.

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