An American Immersion

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Jennifer Idol
August 2016

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Do you long for adventure?

Do you want to do more scuba diving?

Did you know that the U.S. offers amazing scuba diving experiences?

Author Jennifer Idol applied rugged passion and dedication to complete a 5-year journey in which she became the first woman to dive all 50 states.

In this book, you will discover:

  • Hidden beauty in U.S. waters
  • Learn some of the best places to scuba dive in the U.S.
  • While this book can serve as your ultimate U.S.-based scuba travel guide, you will also learn how to overcome obstacles, and follow your own bold path of adventure in scuba diving.

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Media Coverage

The Authors Show broadcast

Undercurrent magazine, editor's pick of the month

World Domination Summit

Jennifer speaks across the U.S. at a multitude of events from massive global conferences to local dive club meetings. Her message of self-exploration, adventure, and preservation of our planet is being heard coast-to-coast.  Jennifer Idol Photo 1

In this 8-minute video clip you will experience an abbreviated version of her inspiring message about why we should be preserving the Earth's bodies of water for future generations.

Watch the Video Here:

The video is from a presentation she gave at The World Domination Summit, an annual gathering of unconventional people seeking to lead remarkable lives in a conventional world through themes of community, adventure, and service. 

Book Jennifer to speak at your event, connect with her here:

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Texas Standard is broadcast on public radio stations across the great state of Texas. 

Listen to their interview with Jennifer here: logo

The Austin American Statesman, a local news outlet serving Austin, TX ran a great story on Jennifer, "Austin woman scuba dives all 50 states while creating photo book."

Read the story here:


Author bio

Jennifer Idol is the first woman to dive 50 states and author of An American Author photo by Aaron Bates Jennifer scuba1 full w Immersion. Her photography and articles are published in DIVER, Sport Diver, Alert Diver, SCUBA Diving, X-Ray Mag, Outdoor Oklahoma, SCUBA & H2O Adventure, and Texas Aquatic Science. Her work has been featured in competitions and exhibits across the country.

She is an accomplished designer with more than a decade of experience creating print, web, logo, and three-dimensional work for a variety of clients. The Lake Murray Wildlife Museum, Jacob’s Well Natural Area, and Texas Association of REALTORS® feature her work in permanent installations.

She’s earned more than 26 certifications and has been diving for 20 years. Her design firm, The Underwater Designer, provides design and photography services for clients in water related industries. Jennifer is a technical diver, designer, and underwater photographer. She helps others understand the underwater world through her photography, design, and by sharing her exploration.



“Expeditions are rewarding in both the journey and the destination. Jennifer Idol describes the abundance of diving opportunities in the U.S. while discovering much greater truths about the environment and her passion to protect it for future generations. Her book is a beautiful montage of great images and captivating stories held together with life lessons and personal enlightenment. I highly recommend following her journey and then diving into your own local diving.”
–Jill Heinerth
Underwater Explorer,


“Big dreams often start with small steps. We can all learn from Jennifer Idol’s transformative journey, even if we never get near the water.”
–Chris Guillebeau
New York Times best-selling author of Born for This and The $100 Startup


“It is always exciting to see women venturing where few others have gone before. With Jennifer’s accomplishment, she expands the status quo, leading other female divers to believe anything is possible with determination, dedication, training, and heart. It is inspiring to see female leaders like Jennifer within the dive industry leading the next generation of women into new territories inside this sport.”
–Amanda Cotton
Principal Photographer A Cotton Photo
Founder and CEO Water Women, Inc.


Blog Articles by the Author

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a special place. Author Jennifer Idol is traveling this week to share her experiences exploring the cradle of our oceans.

Jennifer shared, "I used to dream of a place where lush mountain and oceans met. It would seem I was dreaming of Indonesia.

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Behind the Publishing Process

Author Jennifer Idol has taken the dive industry by storm since (2016) when she published her first book, An American Immersion.

In this article, Jennifer shares a few insights on how to get your first book published (and a few photos from her dive near the Best Publishing Company HQ). . .

Read More Here . . .


Beyond the Journey. What's Next? 

Jennifer Idol shares two questions that she is most frequently asked about her 50 state journey:

1. Can you dive in all 50 states?

2. What's next?

Read More Here . . .


You Are Part of This Journey

Jennifer shares a look at precious moments with some of the many special people that author Jennifer Idol has had the good fortune to connect with while sharing her story since the book was released (do you recognize anyone in the photo collage?).

Read More Here . . .


Your Exclusive Sneak Peek! 

Get an exclusive sneak peek of this recently created 7-minute film by Jennifer Idol about her journey diving across all 50 states. Jennifer has not shared this video with many people outside of her personal circle, but she's sharing it with us! 

Watch the Video Here . . .

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American Immersion

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