Diving Physics with Bubble Mechanics and Decompression Theory in Depth

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Bruce R. Wienke


The intent here is to present a working view of physical phase mechanics, then followed by application to decompression theory in diving. It is directed toward the diver and reader with a basic understanding of decompression. Basically, the mechanics of tissue gas exchange, bubbles and nucleation, supersaturation, perfusion and diffusion, and related mechanisms are discussed.

The target audience is the doctor or physiologist, physicist, chemist, mathematician, engineer or biologist by training and also the commercial diver, technical diver, instructor, hyperbaric technician, underwater researcher, looking for greater detail.

Extended in this book are Wienke's previous texts, Basic Decompression Theory and Application, Hyperbaric Physics and Decompression Theory in Depth, and Basic Diving Physics and Application.

About the Author

Bruce Wienke is a Program Manager in the Nuclear Weapons Technology/Simulation and Computing Office at LANL. He contributes to decompression workshops, symposia, educational publications, and technical periodicals. He is the author of seven books, and over 200 technical journal articles.
(Hardcover, 568 pgs)

Table of Contents

Units and Equivalences

Part 1: Material Dynamics

Part 2: Transport and Flow Kinetics

Part 3: Phase and Bubble Dynamics


Appendix A: Basic Physics

Appendix B: Statistics and Data Correlation

Appendix C: Earth Geosphere

Appendix D: RGBM Recreational Air and Nitrox Tables

Part 4: Critical Tensions and Phase Volumes

Part 5: Mixed Gases and Decompression

Part 6: Operational Diving

Part 7: Computing and Decompression Algorithms Epilogue


Appendix E: RGBM Technical Mixed Gas Decompression Tables

Appendix F: Table, Meter and Profile Risk Analysis References

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