Commercial Diver Training Manual, 7th Edition

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Hal Lomax
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“The 7th Edition of the Commercial Diver Training Manual continues to fill the gap between learning through field experience and learning through entry-level commercial diver training.

Our commercial diving students and graduates have been well served since 2016 by the author’s meticulous and thorough approach to making vast field experiences and safety come alive in the 6 th Edition, and once again in this revised 7th edition. It continues to be a leading textbook in our training, due to its technical accuracy, current content, photos, and illustrations.

Safety and efficiency are pinnacle traits that any successful working diver must learn in their training and constantly apply in the field. Safety is not a simply a rule book, it is a state of mind. Hal Lomax’s approach to this and sharing his knowledge with all levels of divers has made our industry safer and advanced it entirely.

At the very core of commercial diver training are two essential objectives: Going up and down in the water column safely and performing useful and effective work underwater. This textbook continues to provide both objectives into a current and well written resource for the entire industry. It remains a must for anyone’s library involved in commercial diving.”

- Don Barthelmess, Professor Emeritus,

Santa Barbara City College Marine Diving Technology Department


In this newly updated 7th edition of his Commercial Diver Training Manual, Hal Lomax has once again demonstrated his attention to detail and continued desire to make a maximum contribution to the education and safety of the commercial diver and the commercial diving industry.

Those “old salts” and “young studs” involved in commercial diving can only benefit from the lessons contained in this manual; lessons learned the hard way from a man who is truly the divers’ friend. Hal continues his personal participation in our industry both topside and in the water. He continues to train (and retrain) both young and old divers. He knows the ins and outs as well as the fears and the exuberance of diving into the waters of our planet and, most importantly, knows and writes down the guidelines necessary to promote and retain safe commercial diving operations. In this manual he offers up tables, regulatory information, and industry practice. A responsible diving contractor should necessarily know the contents of this important work of dedication and should ensure that divers under his employ study and follow this importance guidance.

To follow the guidance furnished in this important work will contribute to keeping you, the diver, and you the employer, out of harm’s way. In doing so, you will set an example for those with whom you work or employ. The waters where underwater operations take place are, and will remain, safe and welcoming as long as you plan the dive, work the plan, and continue to become better educated and aware of the hazards that may present themselves prior to or during the dive. This manual is one that should be in every dive locker.

- Dr. Ross Saxon

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