Dive-Abled: The Leo Morales Story

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Eric Douglas with Leo Morales
October 2017
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About the Book

If you ask Leo Morales, nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. And he should know. After he lost his right leg to cancer, Leo struggled with life. But he decided his disability would not define him. When friends suggested scuba diving as part of his physical therapy, he was hooked. He quickly progressed from diver to dive instructor and technical diver. Leo has set two world records as a disabled diver, one for depth and one for distance underwater, and tirelessly travels to share his message that disabilities are only in the mind.


Leo Morales

Leo Morales is a disabled diver and an international English-Spanish motivational speaker. Currently, he is preparing for a third world record for scuba diving in a cenote in Quintana Roo. He is an ambassador of the international diving brands PADI, Cressi, XDeep, Intova. 

In 2016 Sports Illustrated included Leo in a list of people in sports with disabilities. Through his foundation, Open Sea, he promotes diving for people with disabilities.

For videos, trailers, and interviews, Leo's entire YouTube presence is at: https://www.youtube.com/user/lmoralesc/videos

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Eric Douglas

Life is an adventure for Eric Douglas, above and below the water and wherever in the world he ends up. Eric received a degree in journalism from Marshall University. After working in local newspapers, honing his skills as a storyteller and following a stint as a freelance journalist in the former Soviet Union, he became a dive instructor. The ocean and diving have factored into all of his fiction works since then. Eric is the former Assistant Editor of PADI’s The Undersea Journal, the former Director of Training for Divers Alert Network, and is currently the Lessons for  Life columnist for Scuba Diving Magazine. He co-authored the book Scuba Diving Safety with Dan Orr.



"Leo Morales's infectious smile and boundless enthusiasm are only a few of the traits that make him a standout personality in our sport and industry. As he will tell you, 'Scuba diving saved my life.' He has enriched the lives of countless others who, because of him, have realized scuba diving is a truly inclusive sport where a person is judged by abilities not limitations." 

"Leo has transformed lives by opening the doorway to a world below the surface of the water filled with wonders and excitement not found anywhere else on earth. Leo’s story is both inspirational and motivational. Our sport and our lives are better because of him. Enjoy the read and let Leo’s story inspire you to achieve your dreams!"

- Dan Orr

President Emeritus, Divers Alert Network (DAN); Member, Hall of Fame for Divers with Disabilities; Recipient, DEMA Reaching Out Award; Member, NAUI Hall of Honor; President, Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences


"I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of teaching adaptive scuba for nearly four decades. . . . our monthly "try scuba diving experience" continues to grow and certifies people with disabilities to dive. . . . Our annual divers with disabilities trip has been a huge success . . . This year we became official affiliates of WAVES (Wounded American Veterans Experience Scuba) organization, a group dedicated to introducing and training disabled American veterans to dive. As a veteran I’m ecstatic to be able to help my fellow veterans experience the joy, freedom and therapeutic benefits of scuba diving. [DIve-abled] captures the many benefits scuba diving offers for someone with a disability . . . [I'm planning] to give the book to all class participants . . . Dive-abled portrays a real-life experience that directly ties into the messages we present in the course."

- Scott Taylor

Owner | A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center

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