Diving Science Revisited

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Michael B. Strauss
2nd Edition
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Diving Science...Revisited is like no other diving text, including its predecessor, Diving Science. Amplified with figures, tables, and photos in color, this book includes four unique and innovative parts amplified by nine contributors.

  • Medical problems of diving (MPD) are discussed from stimulus-response perspectives in the phase of a dive in which they are likely to occur.
  • MPD are explained by how they affect the human diver whether physical, physiological, psychological, and/or lack of awareness.
  • A variety of diving types and situations from breath-hold to rebreather, from children to women to older aged adults, from cold water to cave, and from deep altitude to diving with handicaps are described in individual chapters with their merits, hazards, and necessary precautions for safe diving.
  • Part IV contains a concise summary of the MPD from seven different perspectives ranging from the significance of the problem to when to return to diving.
  • Part V consists of a rhetorical question for each of the first four parts with bullet points that recap the subjects covered in each chapter.

This book describes the positive as well as undesirable ways divers' interact with the aquatic environment. It is especially recommended for the following:

  • Diving instructors and supervisors
  • Those involved with clinical applications of hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Those engaged in diving-associated marine biology and underwater missions
  • All divers, whether novice or advanced, who want to advance their knowledge about the science and medical challenges of diving.
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