Gracie Green Turtle Finds Her Beach

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Paul J. Mila
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A Harry Hawksbill Sea Turtle Adventure

About the Book:

Gracie Green Turtle Finds Her Beach is the second book in the series, "The Adventures of Harry Hawksbill!" Gracie Green Turtle returns to the beach where she was born to make a nest and lay her eggs. However, something is wrong with her chosen beach! She must find a new beach quickly, and Harry Hawksbill is the only sea turtle who can help. Vibrant photos set this book apart from other children's books. Author and diver Paul Mila uses his vivid underwater photos to bring this story to life.


“Paul Mila combines spectacular photographs and factual information to create a story that will encourage young students to think critically about the importance of protecting our beaches. The included maps and discussion questions provide a wonderful jumping-off point for inspiring children to learn more about sea turtles and the other sea creatures they love.”
— Elizabeth Schaefer-Fokas, Library Media Specialist, Cherry Lane Elementary School, Carle Place

“Gracie Green Turtle Finds Her Beach is a great book for teaching children (and adults) about sea turtles and the dangers they encounter. Thank you, Paul, for bringing your joy of the environment to so many others!”
— Andrea B. Siebold, Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Protection Project

Gracie 02About the Author:

Paul J. Mila devotes his time to writing, scuba diving, underwater photography, and speaking to groups about ocean conservation.

He has enjoyed photographing and diving with Caribbean reef sharks in the Bahamas, humpback whales in the Dominican Republic and Tonga, sea turtles in Cozumel and diverse sea life around the world, including his home waters of Long Island, New York.

Photo Below: Sophie, Granddaughter of author Paul Mila used the book, Gracie Green Turtle as part of her research for her class project: Saving Sea Turtles! Way to go Sophie 

Sophie GGT 

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