Luminous Finds Her Aura

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Written by John Heine, Illustrated by Kirsten Carlson
August 2019
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About the Book

Luminous, a flashlight fish, and her friends are on an adventure through strange and wonderful places in the deep sea. They encounter creatures such as sticklers, jellybells, and craggles as they make collections and map their journey, exploring new worlds and discovering exciting things about "the pressure."


“A coming-of-age story that all kids will relate to . . . a group of deep-sea friends venture out on their own to go beyond what they thought were their limitations to find other exciting worlds. What they discover is a diversity of sea life and their own ‘path of light.’ I love how the mythical organisms come to life in this book. Very entertaining.”

Cheryl Baduini, PhD,
Marine Ecologist, Adjunct Pitzer College

“The author weaves together a magical story blending imagination and adventure. LUMINOUS sparked many conversations with my children about the ocean, marine life, and the underwater world, while also entertaining them with an exciting story. I highly recommend this book to middle-school chapter-book readers, parents of young children, and teachers. LUMINOUS is a unique blend of poetry, prose, and science, spurring possibilities of meaningful understanding and investigations of the deep blue sea.”

Michelle Brown, MEd in Science Education,
PolarTREC Teacher, 2011 & 2015,
Science Educational Researcher

About the Author

John is the author of Scientific Diving Techniques, 2nd Edition, and Cold Water Diving, 2nd Edition.

He serves as the National Science Foundation, U.S. Antarctic Program Diving Safety Officer and he recently completed a research project evaluating the use of rebreathers in Antarctica for the scientific diving program.

His diving has taken him to many areas of the world, including both poles and tropical areas in between.

He spent fifteen seasons in the Antarctic doing research dives through ice that was ten feet thick, in water temperatures of 28.6ºF, and air temperatures as low as -60ºF, not for the faint-hearted!

Luminous Finds Her Aura is John's first children's book. 

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