Against the Current: A Life and Legacy of Dive Safety Education

Against the Current: A Life and Legacy of Dive Safety Education


Dan Orr, MS

Dan Orr, past President and CEO of Divers Alert Network (DAN), is known as a first-class educator and longtime ambassador for the diving industry. After serving with DAN for over two decades, Orr announced his retirement in August of 2013. We caught up with him and asked him to share his philosophies on how to be a better teacher and better diver, all while setting the standard for safety that has persisted in the industry to this day.

If you are an educator or dive leader, this article is for you. Dan shares personal insights and tips for making your teaching techniques more effective and engaging.

This article was first published in Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Volume 4 Issue 3. It is now available to you for Free in downloadable PDF format thanks to the support of Dan Orr Consulting.

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