Challenges of Wound Healing

Challenges of Wound Healing


Michael B. Strauss, MD

Challenges of Wound Healing by Michael B. Strauss, MD; Stuart S. Miller, MD; Igor V. Aksenov, MD, PhD

Why do some wounds not heal? The healing of problem wounds is a matter of concern. Even with "advanced therapies", 20% of diabetic foot wounds proceed to a major lower limb amputation. Why are the statistics so grim, and can such dismal results be mitigated?

In this nine-page article, Dr. Strauss discusses seven challenges of wound healing, in depth. If you are a wound care practitioner, this article is a must-read!

This article was first published in Wound Care & Hyperbaric Medicine Volume 2 Issue 1. It is now available to you for Free, as a downloadable PDF.


Dr. Strauss’ expertise of wound care, undersea and hyperbaric medicine is vast beyond compare. After completing U.S. Navy Submarine and Diving Medical Schools, Dr. Strauss served on a nuclear submarine, with salvage divers in the Philippines and Vietnam and with the SEAL teams in San Diego. After these fleet experiences, Dr. Strauss completed his orthopaedic surgery residency at the Navy Medical Center, San Diego. He was released from active duty in 1977, but remained with the Navy SEAL reserve teams until his retirement from the Naval Reserve in the year 2000, concluding a 34 ½ year affiliation.

Dr. Strauss is a Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at the University of California Irvine as well as the orthopaedic consultant for the PACT (Preservation-Amputation, Care, and Treatment) Clinic at the Veterans Affairs Health Care Medical Center, Long Beach, California. Dr. Strauss has written two text books (Diving Science, 2004 and MasterMinding Wounds, 2010), three chapters for Kindwall’s 2008 Hyperbaric Medicine Practice text as well as over 100 publications on orthopaedic, diving medicine, hyperbaric medicine, and wound management subjects, as well as an equal number of posters and exhibits.


"MasterMinding Wounds" masteminding wounds

An exciting text that optimizes the evaluation, management, and prevention of wounds. MasterMinding Wounds is organized into five parts, each integral to wound care, yet comprehensive enough to stand alone:

I. Setting the stage (for wound care)
II. Evaluation of wounds
III. The strategic management of problem wounds
IV. Evaluation and management of the "end-stage" wound
V. Prevention of new and recurrent wounds

The special features of this text include the use of a Master Algorithm to integrate and logically transition information, as well as a user friendly "Power of 10" scoring tool to objectively quantify wound seriousness, guide treatment, measure progress, predict potential for wound development, and assess patient function and motivation.

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