8oz Bottle Enviroguard64®

8oz Bottle Enviroguard64®
$35.00 each

8oz Bottle Enviroguard64®

Enviroguard64® is a one-step, 2 ounce per gallon concentrate. It is a broad spectrum hospital grade disinfectant, deodorizer, residual laundry additive, and high potency hard surface disinfectant with EPA approved efficacy claims for over 114 organisms. Enviroguard64® helps meet all OSHA and Federal regulations for bloodborne pathogens and will kill the HIV, MRSA, HBV (Hepatitis B), HCV (Hepititis C) viruses with the appropriate contact time. 

Enviroguard64® is active in the presence of 5% serum and 703 PPM hard water.

Enviroguard64® is non-corrosive in solution, to all metals, vinyls, rubber, and fabrics, and carries an EPA "Safe for use on any fabric that water is safe for use on" label. It has been approved for use by ETC for use with Acrylic Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers using the Stachiw test method, and approved for use by Pan-America Hyperbarics for use as a disinfectant with all PAHI manufactured chambers. Enviroguard64® is also the protocol disinfectant for Duke University's Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine Unit.

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Enviroguard64® is exclusively available to hyperbaric clinics through Best Publishing Company.

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