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Dan Orr Kicks Off Shark Week Celebration in Driggs, Idaho


Dan Orr is no stranger to shark diving. In 2008 he took his first shark dive trip to Guadalupe Island, Mexico, and Dan was instantly hooked.

Having returned year after year, Dan has learned much about the environment and habits of great white sharks, and how we can protect these powerful and midunderstood creatures. 

Recently Dan helped the Teton County Library in Driggs, Idaho kick off their Shark Week Celebration where he shared some of the "best shark stories ever", and discussed how we can save and protect their environment. 

Learn more from Dan by connecting with him directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cover photo caption: Dan Orr presenting a copy of his book, Scuba Diving Safety to the Teton County Library in Driggs, Idaho 

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